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Road Trip Safety and Essential Tips

  Whether this is your first Road Trip or one of many here are some of the most vital tips and advise on planning and organizing the Safest, Funnest and most memorable Road trip with your littles ones. Logging long kilometres in the car can be exhausting for... read more

12 Tips for Traveling With Baby or Toddler

Here are 12 Tips for Traveling With a Baby or Toddler: 1. If you’re traveling by plane, book a seat that has a bassinet connection, and a separate seat for your older child, if needed. During the pre-boarding phase, have one parent pre-board the bassinet or the... read more

Traveling with baby made easy, The Doona Car Seat

Doona The Next Generation Car Seat Babies’ natural and recommended positions are either lying flat on a solid surface or in their parents’ arms. In these positions, a baby’s body is free to move, thus encouraging its development. However, in today’s world families are... read more

62 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s almost time to Trick or Treat! Are you ready for Halloween? Didn’t have time to plan an amazing costume for your little one? Don’t worry, We have you covered, with 62 last minute and easy to put together Halloween costumes. Which is your... read more


11 WAYS TO USE MUSLIN SWADDLE BLANKETS 1. SWADDLE BLANKET I can’t forget the obvious choice for using a swaddle blanket for a swaddle, right? For us, they didn’t work to keep our babies contained past a few weeks old but in those first few weeks? They were a dream.... read more

Mother’s Day Connect 2017

  One Hour. Every Mother. Welcoming new moms to the sisterhood of motherhood What do you love about Mother’s Day? The hugs from your children? The treasured, tatty heart-shaped craft your child made you at school? A love letter from your partner? Quality time... read more

Rhubarb & Custard’s Baby Essentials

Rhubarb & Custard is a long-standing supplier of Kids Emporiums stores. It started out more than 10 years ago to promote the concept of babywearing with its non-adjustable Baby Pouch sling. However, when overseas travel systems brands entered the South African... read more

Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny!

Snuggle up with Lily ‘n Jack   Do you know why babies love the feeling of the satin ears of Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny?  Quite simple .. For 9 months they have been playing with the umbilical cord which feels just like satin.  How can any baby go without one?... read more

Kids Emporium Maternity Wear? Yes Please!!

Kids Emporium Maternity Wear About Kids Emporium Maternity and Hannah Grace: The concept of KE maternity was born out of the insight behind the need for affordable, functional clothing that is versatile enough to be worn in and out of pregnancy. 99% KE maternity... read more

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